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Hi-Professional Tech Co., Ltd. is a General Lighting | home theater system supplier based in Taiwan since 2005.

HI-PRO provides Hi-Fi products and light source for worldwide famous brands, the audio products & sound equipment including cd player, tube amplifier, wireless speakers, headphone amplifier, phono amplifier, etc.

HI-PRO has been providing audio products & sound equipment to clients with superior quality, both with advanced technology and 12 years of experience, HI-PRO ensure each clients' demands are met.

General Lighting

General Lighting with the specific characteristics, incandescent and neon lamps remain an important element of the industrial lighting market. However, LED Lamps are a modern alternative to these product types with many advantages such as long life, efficiency, vibration resistance, and a wide variety of colors.

  • Wedge - Wedge

    A wedge base is a type of electrical connector used as a fitting for small light bulbs. It is similar to the bi-pin connector, except that the two "pins" are the same wires that extend into the bulb (rather than being rigid), and the wires are bent up onto the sides of the base, where they make contact with the socket. The wires are usually inserted into a plastic base that the bulb is mounted in, and which is often narrower at the tip than at the bulb, giving it a wedge shape and usually ensuring a tight connection, depending on manufacturing tolerances. Some bulbs have no plastic base, and the wires are simply bent up to the sides of the bulb's glass base.The bulb is inserted and removed with straight in or out force, without turning as with a bayonet mount or Edison screw, on certain bi-pin light sockets. For true wedges, compression is the force that holds the bulb in, while others use simple friction, or snap into a socket with spring-loaded electrical contacts that "grab" the corners or other protrusions on the base to prevent loosening from vibration. In contrast, a "slide base" (sometimes "telephone slide base") lamp also is inserted in a socket without rotation, but has two long contacts on either side of the lamp envelope connected to the lead wires.Bulbs of this type are commonly used in automotive lighting and in low-voltage lighting used in landscape lighting. The bulb may have dual filaments, acting as both a low-wattage tail light or parking light and a higher-wattage brake light or turn signal.

  • Fuse - Fuse Lamp Indicator

    Available in T-2 size, the fuse lamps can be easily mounted using standard (3AG) fuse clips in a horizontal mount.Applicable in 6V through 24V. Compatible colored filters are offered. Many of these are useful to refurbish your vintage audio equipment.

  • Miniature - Miniature Lamp

    Definition Of Terms Lamp Number The lamp number indicated on the following pages has no technical significance.The Bases Available Bases available on lamps are indicated by the following page.Design Volts Design volts indicate the voltage at which lamps are designed for rated ampere, MSCP, and laboratory-life characteristics.Design Amperes Design amperes designate the flow of current through a lamp operated at its design voltage. Except in special cases, it is usually allowed ± 10% of tolerance.Mean Spherical Candle Power (MSCP) The MSCP is the generally accepted method used indicate the brightness of miniature lamps; it is the total value emitted from a lamp placed in the center of a circle having a specified diameter The standard lamp calibrated by the National Bureau of Standards is used in determining this value. MSCP can be converted into lumens by multiplying MSCP by 4π (12.57).Average Laboratory Life Lifetime indicated is based upon test data recorded under strictly controlled laboratory conditions. Under normal operating conditions, however lifetime may be shorter due to factors such as voltage fluctuation, shock, vibration, temperature, and other environmental and operational conditions.Filament Type Filament type are indicated by the following page. These are classified according to diameter, length, and configuration.

  • CCFL - CCFL Lamp Box

    CCFL is used as an indication and backlight component.It's a light source that uses high-voltage electricity to excite mercury vapor to produce ultraviolet light, and then ultraviolet light excites a fluorescent coating in the tube to emit visible light.Under the same lighting requirements, CCFLs use less mercury than T5 lamps.It also has the advantages of resistance to switch, long life hour and less lumens depreciation.

  • Neon - Neon Indicator

    A neon lamp (also neon glow lamp) is a miniature gas discharge lamp. The lamp typically consists of a small glass capsule that contains a mixture of neon and other gases at a low pressure and two electrodes (an anode and a cathode). When sufficient voltage is applied and sufficient current is supplied between the electrodes, the lamp produces an orange glow discharge. Neon glow lamps are widely used as indicator lamps in the displays of electronic instruments and high temperature appliances.