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Hi-Professional Tech Co., Ltd. Has 25 years more experienced in the HiFi field, with the relevant ISO certification. We own an outstanding RD team and production team in Taiwan. The Audio electronics manufacturing companies providing products such as HiFi audio different amplifier products, wireless BT speakers and sleeping machines, etc.

In other LED-related services (other name: TACHAI), Responsible for the main processing and production of LED lights. Such as Neon Glow lamps, LED Lighting, UVC LED and CCFL, etc. We have our customers all over the world and set up factories in mainland China in 1990. If you have any LED or Lighting issues, you can contact us by email: sales@tachai.com.tw.

HI-PRO (TACHAI) ensures each clients' demands are met. Have a professional division of labor and technology manufacturing HiFi audio (LED lighting ) in our system, and have more than 30 years of experience.

HiPro Power System

This power filter protects against high voltage equipment and withstands various types of interference.

HiPro Power System
HiPro Power System

The Power Filter is intended to protect
equipment that is connected to it against high mains voltage and
power surges, as well as against various kinds of interference.
Due to the wide spread of the digital-type power supply units,
there exist a multitude of high frequency interference signals that
affect operation of devices with the classical power supply units.
Different types of filters are
implemented which enable the isolation of devices cancelling their
adverse effect on each other, as well as elimination of the
interference originating from the electrical network.
The Power Filter uses the filters fabricated through the Lowdensity
core process. They ensure a minimal distortion of the
sinewave and are capable of transmitting great current pulses, in
contrast to the conventional power supply filters. The switching
relays operate based on the Zero-cross technology, i.e. switching
a load on and off is triggered when the power supply voltage
sinewave crosses zero point. This allows a smooth turning on and
off action even for the greatest power consumers.

  • Power Filter System - Power filter
    Power Filter System
    This power filter protects against high voltage equipment and withstands various types of interference.

    AC Power Source Filter

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