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Hi-Professional Tech Co., Ltd. Has 25 years more experienced in the HiFi field, with the relevant ISO certification. We own an outstanding RD team and production team in Taiwan. The Audio electronics manufacturing companies providing products such as HiFi audio different amplifier products, wireless BT speakers and sleeping machines, etc.

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HI-PRO (TACHAI) ensures each clients' demands are met. Have a professional division of labor and technology manufacturing HiFi audio (LED lighting ) in our system, and have more than 30 years of experience.

Miniature Lamp

Miniature Lamp
Miniature Lamp

•Below are Tachai Miniature Lamp introduction and specification
If have any special require or more information please ask for our products specification and product manager.

The Bases Available
Bases available on lamps are indicated by the following page.

Design Volts
Design volts indicate the voltage at which lamps are designed for rated ampere, MSCP, and laboratory-life characteristics.

Design Amperes
Design amperes designate the flow of current through a lamp operated at its design voltage. Except in special cases, it is usually allowed ± 10% of tolerance.

Mean Spherical Candle Power (MSCP)
The MSCP is the generally accepted method used indicate the brightness of miniature lamps; it is the total value emitted from a lamp placed in the center of a circle having a specified diameter The standard lamp calibrated by the National Bureau of Standards is used in determining this value. MSCP can be converted into lumens by multiplying MSCP by 4π (12.57).

Average Laboratory Life
Lifetime indicated is based upon test data recorded under strictly controlled laboratory conditions. Under normal operating conditions, however lifetime may be shorter due to factors such as voltage fluctuation, shock, vibration, temperature, and other environmental and operational conditions.

Filament Type
Filament type are indicated by the following page. These are classified according to diameter, length, and configuration.

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Result 1 - 4 of 4