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Electronics Manufacturing Company - HI-PRO

Hi-Professional Tech Co., Ltd. is one of the prime electronics manufacturing companies providing products such as HiFi audio amp products, wireless BT speakers, sleeping machines and LED lights, etc.

ISO certified Hi-Fi products and LED lights for worldwide famous brands, HI-PRO offers one-stop manufacturing and assembly services, based in Taiwan since 2005. We produce varied light source, e.g. Neon Glow lamps, LED Lighting, UVC LED and CCFL. We have our customers all over the world and set up factories in mainland China in 1990. If you have any LED or Lighting issues, you can contact us by email: sales@tachai.com.tw.

HI-PRO has been providing electronics (HiFi audio amp products & LED lights) to clients with superior quality, both with advanced technology and 12 years of experience, HI-PRO ensures each clients' demands are met.


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The Groups website's products' composition had "Hi-Pro " and "TACHAI" Two systems company.
When you see the title is "Hi-Pro" or "TACHAI" with easily know they are which company belongs to. He will help you quickly find the products that you are really interested in, which are absolutely professional in their own right.
For example, Hi-Pro is a professional audio amplifier company. If you are interested for amplifier, wireless audio system, Bluetooth speakers, etc. You can choose to watch products for the title "Hi-Pro."
TACHAI is a professional led and lighting company. If you are interested for LED lighting, General Lighting...etc. You can choose to watch products for the title "TACHAI.

Welcome to watch our website products, I hope he can bring you confidence and choose us for cooperative production.

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HiPro sleeping machine - White noise machine

HiPro sleeping machine

Natural sound products and fan sounds machine make people sleep better, Reduce Stress, Calm Your Mind, Improve Focus.


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