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Hi-Professional Tech Co., Ltd. is one of the prime HiPro wireless Bluetooth speaker | electronics manufacturing companies providing products such as HiFi audio amp products, wireless BT speakers, sleeping machines and LED lights, etc.

ISO certified Hi-Fi products and LED lights for worldwide famous brands, HI-PRO offers one-stop manufacturing and assembly services, based in Taiwan since 2005.

HI-PRO has been providing electronics (HiPro wireless Bluetooth speaker) to clients with superior quality, both with advanced technology and 12 years of experience, HI-PRO ensures each clients' demands are met.

HiPro wireless Bluetooth speaker

portable wireless BT speakers in art styles

Wireless Speaker
Wireless Speaker

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is one of all hi-pro products. Our wireless BT speaker has been widely used in life and is widely used. We are convinced that this market will not end. But we need more customers to support our ideas and are willing to work with us to run this market. But we must pay attention to the topic of the MOQ. Of course, if you have very good ideas that need to be customized on our products, Relatively , Hi-Pro hopes to further negotiate the order quantity to a certain extent, we can do it.

Our specialty is in the field of power amplifier equipment, which makes us very demanding on the sense of sound, so it also makes us pay more attention to sound quality in pursuit of convenience and portability on wireless speakers, so we use sound quality as a starting point to give other functions. The products will make our products more diversified.

You will find many creative products in this category. Each of these products has its own special features. Some of them have a decorative appearance. In addition to playing high-quality music, they also enhance the texture of the space and make your life full of music. Some products allow you to use it outdoors as well. The ease of carrying this feature will greatly improve the demand for music.
In addition to being used as a speaker, some products add some powerful features such as the Flame light effect, timing function or Alarm Wake, six different lamp colors design, of course, simply use the speaker you will find that the sound quality of these devices is very good, this is the most basic appeal.

If you are interested in our products but don't know what they are, you are welcome to click on our products to watch them, but here is a brief introduction:

Cat / Star style BT speaker
Model name: Resin cat BT speaker、Resin star shape BT speaker
We offer a wireless speaker for the interior space and use uniquely designed and hand-crafted. This is not only a wireless speaker but also an outstanding artwork.

Phone stand BT speaker
Model name: XOXO-Portable 3d Bluetooth speaker
We provide smartphone Users waterproof BT speakers that also can be used as a cell phone stand and easily put your phone.

Flame BT speaker
Model name: XOXO2- Flame BT speaker
We have a series of Bluetooth speakers that support the use of situational flame light and sound effects for the outdoor user, too.

Football/ Rugby BT speaker
Model name: XOXO3- Football BT speaker
We have a football-style (Rugby) surround Bluetooth speaker, the Surround sound is very nice and it has 10w*2pcs speakers inside.

Bicycle BT speaker
Model name: XOXO8- Bicycle BT speaker
When you ride a bicycle if you want to enjoy music, our bike BT speaker will let you enjoy our ride more. Our bike BT speaker is built for Bike rider. We have 2 kinds of accessories that you can choose. (Suction cup/ Holder)

Lamp BT speaker
Model Name: XOXO5-Lamp Bluetooth speaker
This wireless speaker provides a light mode. You can make a hands-free call by touching the speaker grid. Built-in large capacity battery for extended playback time.

Alarm wake-up light BT speaker
Model Name: XOXO6 - Alarm Wake LAMP BT Speaker
This wireless speaker provides a light mode. When you need a timing function or as an alarm clock, and it's easy to achieve if you have ours wireless Bluetooth speaker.

If you need more detail about your favor BT speaker, please click the below’s Photos.

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