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Hi-Professional Tech Co., Ltd. is a Pure Phono Amplifier | home theater system supplier based in Taiwan since 2005.

HI-PRO provides Hi-Fi products and light source for worldwide famous brands, the audio products & sound equipment including cd player, tube amplifier, wireless speakers, headphone amplifier, phono amplifier, etc.

HI-PRO has been providing audio products & sound equipment to clients with superior quality, both with advanced technology and 12 years of experience, HI-PRO ensure each clients' demands are met.

Pure Phono Amplifier

Pure phono amplifier is a HIPRO original design manufacturer product, and successful contract manufacture many world famous audio brand.


1. High price performance ratio.
2. Precise RIAA equalization.
3. Support moving magnet and moving coil cartridge.

Input Sensitivity4 ~ 6 mV0.4 ~ 0.6 mV
Output Level500 ~ 550 mV500 ~ 550 mV
Maximum Input>80 mV>8 mV
Maximum Output>8V>8V
Input Impedance45 ~ 56K Ω80 ~ 120K Ω
Gain (1 KHz)38 ~ 42 dB58 ~ 62 dB
Distortion (5mV Input)<0.1%<0.3%
S/N (A Weighting)>65 dB>55 dB
RIAA Accuracy± 1 dB± 1 dB
Channel Separation>60 dB>50 dB
DimensionW 150mm x H 47mm x D 163mm