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HI-PRO wooden speaker Service Introduction

Hi-Professional Tech Co., Ltd. is Taiwan wooden speaker supplier and manufacturer with more than 12 years experence. Since 2005, in the Electronics Industry, HI-PRO has been offering our customers high quality wooden speaker production service. With both advanced technology and 12 years experience, HI-PRO always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • wooden sound expanded phone stand speaker -Fully handmade
    wooden sound expanded phone stand speaker -Fully handmade

    Wooden sound expanded phone stand speakers are very especially products. Because they are not needed to electricity, At the same time, let your cellphone put on the wooden speaker is so easy to use. For these special wooden speaker products, We need more customers to respond to energy-saving products with us and bring more creativity and fun then many people. Note!! Wooden speaker structure is specially designed. So it can amplify your music while having a high-quality sound. Creativity comes from art and innovation. We need to bring more decorative experiences to life. If you have an interest, then you can try to contact us.

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