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The Company

Hi-Pro was spun off from Tachai Industrial, founded in 1979, to focus on providing world-famous Hi-Fi brands with top notch manufacturing and designing solutions.

The company is located in Taoyuan county and only minutes away from Taoyuan International Airport, making the company highly accessible to any client around the globe.

Our facility occupied over 4,000 sq. meters of space with over 60 staffs in all manufacturing and business functions. Our production line is equipped with advanced manufacturing and testing equipments, empowering us to meet capacity and quality demands from our valuable customers.

Hi-Pro Manufacturing Process

With 30+ years of experience, Hi-Pro has established its proprietary manufacturing process that manufactures in the most efficient and highest quality manner complying with AQL-105D standard

Our sales and engineering representatives are here to help you with your manufacturing and designing needs every step along the way. If you have any question about our manufacturing process, please contact us at anytime.

Hi-Pro Manufacturing Facility

Through continuous investment in manufacturing infrastructure and engineering capability, HiPro has been able to deliver uncompromising quality to its clients over the years.

Automated Optical Inspection
50X Electronics Microscope
Thermal Tester
Power Meter
Ball Grid Array Rework Station
Electronic Load
Wave Solder machine

Recognized by International Standard Agencies

ISO 14001
ISO 9001


Tel: 886-3-318-2255



No. 28, Ln. 260, Sec.2, ZhongYi Rd., GueiShan Township, TaoYuan County 333, Taiwan


Tel: +886-3-318-2255



No. 28, Ln. 260, Sec.2, ZhongYi Rd., GueiShan Township, TaoYuan County 333, Taiwan

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