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Hi-Pro Amplifier Modules

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Boost Your Product Development  

Hi-Pro’s amplifier modules enables numerous speaker and audio equipment brands to bring top-quality products to the market cost-effectively and in the timeliest fashion. Readily available from 6W to 500W+, Hi-Pro’s amplifier modules can be used in a wide array of application, including active speakers, integrated amplifier, built-in speaker furniture, and more. Click HERE  to contact a product expert today for additional details or request custom designs.










Hi-Pro Amplifier Module Solution Benefits


Faster to Market

​Enabling your development resource to focus on developing features that truly differentiate your product and let Hi-Pro helps you on the amplification needs. When your resources become laser focus on what they do the best, you can be sure that you can take the product to market in the timeliest fashion.

Quality Guaranted

As an ISO certified manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing amplification  technology, Hi-Pro provides the best quality class D amplifier modules in its class.


ZERO Upfront Investment

Hi-Pro's standard amplifier modules are optimized for a wide array of applications, including active speaker, integrated amplifier, and more. That means you can just take what Hi-Pro has already developed and implement it onto your products without spending a penny on amplification development.


On-Going Engineering Support

30 years of experience in audio amplification technology is not something you can just find anywhere. Our engineering team is here to offer you direct support in implementing Hi-Pro's amplifier modules onto your products.

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