Thunder I Wireless Audio System

When life gives you lemons make lemonade, every one like see movie, and enjoy breathtaking surround sound, unfortunately, you take a lot of trouble to connect speaker cables, even already disappoint to bury your surround sound speakers. Now! you revive your surround sound speakers day is coming, Thunder I via 5.8GHz wireless audio technology and internal amplifier solve connect speaker cables problem, you can easy to put speakers, as left and right overhead or left and right rear surround speakers, never worry how to connect speakers.

Receiver auto turn on and standby function easy to install in interior decorating, become In-Ceiling speakers best partner, when you buy Thunder I, also your surround speakers resurrection day.

Thunder I -Wireless 5.8GHz,
Transmitter & Receiver - One by One.


  • Wireless 5.8GHz band.

  • Receiver built in 35W + 35W amplifier.

  • Support 96Khz 24bits.

  • Excellent co-existence with bluetooth,WiFi and cordless phones.

  • Auto standby.


  • RF BAND: 5.8 GHz

  • Power Output: 35W per channel

  • THD: 0.08%

  • S/N A-W: 82dB

  • Transmitter RCA Input: 1SET

  • Transmitter DC Jack Input: 12V

  • Receiver L + R Speaker Output: 1SET

  • Receiver DC Jack Input: 19V

  • Transmitter Dimension: W 135 x H 32 x 93mm

  • Receiver Dimension: W 175 x H 32 x D 150mm

Thunder 2 Wireless Audio System

Thunder II wireless product need further cooperation with companies interested in it. If you are interested, you can take a look at the following introduction. When you used our Thunder I 5.8G Wireless audio system, you will have a very big interest in wireless. Because it improves your living space, let your living space need music while not having too many lines leading to clutter. That's right, Our Thunder II are further improving the wireless product. In addition to being more refined, it also has a transmitter that supports two receivers, greatly improving space utilization. And we made some elaborate setting for the receiver of Thunder II so that it can fold up, it will not take up too much space. The more important, The receiver itself has taken a speaker plug. The plug can be adjusted width to match your speaker. You will be perfect improvement the home Theater system, when you used our Thunder II wireless audio system. If your company needs this product, welcome to talk about more business opportunities
  • Two Receiver + One Transmitterbuilt up a non-interference wireless audio system
  • Excellent shape design and adjustable speaker plugs for the different gap(19-35mm)
  • Outstanding mechanical design to bend the devices to an angle to have the strongest signal
  • Easily Paring & Linking with three modes (Left Channel/Mono Mode/Right Channel)
  • Up to 50W each channel
  • Solving our studio wiring problem
  • Playback your Raw and pure audio sound
  • OEM/ODM oriented
  • RF band: 5.8 Ghz
  • Power output: 50W+50W
  • THD: 0.08%
  • S/N A-W:82 dB
  • Transmitter RCA input: 1 pair
  • Transmitter DCjack input: 12V
  • Receiver Speaker output:1 pairs
  • Receiver DC jack input:19V
  • Transmitter dimension:W120 X H30 X D88mm
  • Receiver dimension: W160 X H22 X D80mm


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