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Thunder I Wireless Audio System

Hi-Pro Thunder 1 Wireless Audio System


  • Wireless 5.8GHz band

  • Receiver built in 35W + 35W amplifier

  • Support 96Khz 24bits

  • Excellent co-existence with bluetooth,WiFi and cordless phones

  • Auto standby


  • RF BAND: 5.8 GHz

  • Power Output: 35W per channel

  • THD: 0.08%

  • S/N A-W: 82dB

  • Transmitter RCA Input: 1SET

  • Transmitter DC Jack Input: 12V

  • Receiver L + R Speaker Output: 1SET

  • Receiver DC Jack Input: 19V

  • Transmitter Dimension: W 135 x H 32 x 93mm

  • Receiver Dimension: W 175 x H 32 x D 150mm

Thunder 2 Wireless Audio System

Hi-Pro Thunder 2 Wireless Audio System
  • Two Receiver + One Transmitterbuilt up a non-interference wireless audio system
  • Excellent shape design and adjustable speaker plugs for the different gap(19-35mm)
  • Outstanding mechanical design to bend the devices to an angle to have the strongest signal
  • Easily Paring & Linking with three modes (Left Channel/Mono Mode/Right Channel)
  • Up to 50W each channel
  • Solving our studio wiring problem
  • Playback your Raw and pure audio sound
  • OEM/ODM oriented
  • RF band: 5.8 Ghz
  • Power output: 50W+50W
  • THD: 0.08%
  • S/N A-W:82 dB
  • Transmitter RCA input: 1 pair
  • Transmitter DCjack input: 12V
  • Receiver Speaker output:1 pairs
  • Receiver DC jack input:19V
  • Transmitter dimension:W120 X H30 X D88mm
  • Receiver dimension: W160 X H22 X D80mm
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